Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation 7

Andrade, Jane Carroll. "Kindergarten may be too late." State Legislatures. Jun. 2002. Denver. 24 Apr. 2007.

In the article, Jane Carroll Andrade writes about how states are starting to fund preschool programs after recognizing the correlation between a child early development and participation in preschool and his or her success later in life. The author goes on to describe the details in the process of funding, such as who is eligible to receive free early childhood education, where the money for the programs can and does come from, and how new programs might fit or clash with already existing programs. Finally, she finsihes by state the future for the movement for funding early education and how positive results could or could not be received. Overall, this article will help me gain the facts to the pros and cons of funding the education programs.

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