Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation 3

Crane, David. "Children's Education is Our Best Investment." Toronto Star. 2 Jul. 2006. Toronto Star. 24 Apr.
2007. http://proquest.umi.com

David Crane writes about the critical effect that the lack of free preschool education for children will have on society in the future if the issue is not corrected. He also writes that Canada's aging population will suffer if its productivity performance continues to stay at its current growth levels. He states that early childhood education is key in society if as James Heckman states: "Once a child falls behind, he or she is likely to remain behind," because when this happens in a large amount of the young population the country could face economic and and social setbacks. But if there is sufficient early childhood education, there will be a better workforce, better performance in schools, and so forth. This article will help prove that funding for early childhood programs is a good idea through examples of what could happen if there is not a step towards better preschool schooling.

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