Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation 5

Poppe, Julie and Clothier, Steffanie. "The Preschool Promise." State Legislatures. June 2005. State
Legislatures. 24 Apr. 2007.

The authors, Julie Poppe and Steffanie Clothier, discuss in their article the many benefits that going to preschool can have on children in their future, but the reality of whether or not states can afford to provide preschool education to everyone. They discuss the positive effects of going to preschool, such as the achivement gap at the beginning of kindergaten between children who went to an early education program and those who did not. Other topics brought up include what goes into a proper program for educational growth, how states currently pay for or might pay for programs in the future, the research that proves that the educational investment will pay off in the future. Everything in this article will help me determine current legislatures and the positive effects and statistics that going to an early childhood education program has on children.

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