Thursday, February 8, 2007

Day 4

Comments, anyone?

Yes, I did comment on two blogs, and I am pretty sure it was top-notch critiquing might I add. Pretty sure we have some issues at Tartan.

P.S. Mr. HHHHHHH... I commented on Miranda F. and Nikki F.

Day 3

Problems at Tartan

The problem- It is nearly impossible to navigate Tartan's hallways due to overcrowdedness.

Evidence- If you were to poll just about any student at Tartan, they would tell you that one of the most frustating problems we face everyday with the amount of people in our school is the nearly impossible task of just making it to class on time with the hallway congestion. There is much evidence to this, including:

The amount of people who are tardy to class because they were blocked in the hallways is significantly rising.

The average time it takes for someone to simply go to their locker, get their stuff, and go to class has risen, leaving no time for any downtime whatsoever.

Contributing factors-I feel that there are many contributing factors to this, including:

The overall number of srudents and faculty at this school. Class sizes (especially freshman) have ballooned, meaning there are more bodies to deal with in the halls.

Decreased passing time-While class sizes have grown, our amount of time for passing has not. In fact, the time was lowered from eight minutes to six, which in my opinion was not a good decision based on increasing enrolled students in the school.

The building itself is another reason why it is so cramped at Tartan. Obviously, we can't change this, but it is still a contributing factor.

Blockage- Obviously, standing like a pole in the middle of a hallway is doing absolutely nothing to help this issue (or in the middle of a staircase!).

Propose a solution- There are a few solutions that would be helpful in getting everyone to class on time. First, the school could increase passing time back up to eight or even ten minutes. We could also designate spaces for "passing only", meaning that it would be considerate to not stand and talk right in the middle of that space, although this solution might be a bit harder to enforce.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Day 1

Analyzing Problems

Problem- Too much congestion on Twin Cities highways and freeways.
Factors that may contribute to the problem-
  1. There simply aren't enough lanes or roads for the growing amount of commuters in the cities.
  2. Commuting times are too similar between workers, resulting in congestion in a short span of time.
  3. Their is a growing amount of people who are able to drive on the roadways.
Problem- Aids epidemic in Africa
Factors that may contribute to the problem-
  1. There is little, if any, education given about prevention in African countries that could help save lives.
  2. The poverty level in these countries is high, which means that there is not enough affluence to distribute wide-scale treatment or drugs.
  3. The main factors that cause the spread of HIV, which include sexual intimacy, are highly practiced.

Problem- Bullying in school

Factors that may contribute to the problem-

  1. There is not enough disciplinary action given to those who enable bullying.
  2. Peer pressure to make fun of certain individuals may be coming from their class.
  3. There is not enough information given in schools for the prevention of peer pressure/making good decisions.