Thursday, May 3, 2007

Research Outline 1

Attention Getter-

  1. The physchological and intellectual advantages to being in a preschool program
  2. advantage-
  3. These programs are expensive and are time consuming to integrate, including salaries and getting qualified teachers.
  4. If the pre-k program was integrated, it would eventually become mandatory, which is not the best thing for all children.

Thesis Statement- Should Minnesota require the integration of early childhood education programs into the system.


Paragraph 1

Topic Sentence- There are numerous phycological and intellecual advantages to having a child attend an early childhood education program.

1. Less trouble with the law and longer marriages

2. Helps close acheivement gaps and prepare for the next important step or grade.

3.Those enrolled earn on average a higher income than those who were not enrolled.

4.Key developments that occur through these programs, such as early literacy development, help to prevent large learning disabilities later on.

Paragraph 2

Topic Sentence-

Paragraph 3

Topic Sentence- There are many numerous financial and time issues that would occur if preschool programs were integrated.

1. The salaries of the teachers and operating costs would put a financial strain on the public school districts.

2.The concern with curriculum and what the young children should specifiically be taught is very loosely interpretted, and there would need to be extensive organizing and research efforts in order to effectively teach in a similar way.

3.There is no concrete requirements for the type of education that early childhood educators receive, not all teachers would be qualified for the position and their formal training or education could become costly.

Paragraph 4

Topic Sentence-The integration of preschool would most likely lead to mandatory enrollment, which is not the best thing for every child.

1.Some children would actually have a decline in development based on the quality of the program vs. the education they receive at home or elsewhere.

2. Too much structure for children could lead to the robbing of their freedoms and enjoyment that they have as a young child.

3. When the starting age for formal education lowers, the expectations, which can often be unrealistic, can be raised so high that they clash with what young children can actually accomplish.

4.The expanded time in the classroom could disconnect family life, which s irreplaceable.



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